12 November 2015


ARC Team Driver - Alberto De Lotto



Already UISP Italian Champion in the category F2 and won a stage of the Italian Championship AMSCI with our R8.0 , Alberto De Lotto is confirmed within the ARC Nitro Italy Team for 2016.

09 November 2015


ARC Team Driver - Antonello "U' Dottore" Selleri



We are so happy to annunce that Antonello Selleri decided to run in 2016 season with ARC R8.0.  

03 November 2015


ARC Team Driver - Marco "America" Filippetto


Marco Filippetto confirm ARC R8.0 for next season, here his statement:

" I'm very happy and excited to be of ARC family , so I had already this season to appreciate the quality and value of the project , see you on the track"

31 October 2015


NEW PART - 4x8x1mm Shims


Code R802029: 4x8x1mm Aluminum shims are designed put under front upper arm bracket. It can adjust roll center in front end, more shims will lower the roll center also create more traction in front end. 

Maxima with 2mm shims under bracket.

30 October 2015


ARC Team Driver - Antonio Calce


We are proud to annunce that the young driver Antonio Calce will race next season with ARC R8.0.

28 October 2015


NEW PART - Rear Shock Mount Set-HIGH


Code R809017: New rear shock mount High Type for R8.0 & R8.0E.

The High type extend one more 3.5mm offset hole.

And it will provide more stability during corner.  

16 October 2015


NEW PART - Rear Anti-Roll Bar System -Traditional


Code R809016: Design to convert rear anti-roll back to traditional type, It will minimize the play between ball end.  

15 October 2015


NEW PART - R8.0 Rear Upright 2 Holes (2)


Code R809015: New optional 2 holes type rear upright, It provide 2mm offset inside and outside hole compare with standard one, useful to fine tune the rear roll center. 

24 September 2015


NEW PART - R8.0 Engine Mount-Brass (2)


Code R803095: The new bass engine mount design for increase weight in rear end. Each mount weight 34g ,Total weigh are 68g. Driver can use 1 pcs in front or rear or 2pcs together to fine tune the weigh distribute of ARC R8.0.

22 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0  Clutch Base Steel, New Brake Disk


Code R809014: Drilled Brake Disk Upgrade Set

Code R803001: Clutch Spring Base-Steel

22 September 2015


NEW PART - R8.0  Brass Battery Plate


Code R803044: Build by solid brass, net weight 53g.

Use for increase weight in R8.0 center low area. 

15 September 2015


NEW PART - R8.0  Shock Piston 3 Hole 


Code R104011: Shock Piston 3 X 1mm Hole

15 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0  and R8.0E Rear Anti-Roll Bar 


Code R807024: Rear Anti-Roll Bar 3.0-2.0mm

Code R807025: Rear Anti-Roll Bar 3.0-2.4mm


New Rear Anti-Roll bar made with 3.0mm wire and mill center area into 2.4mm or 2.0mm thickness, provide more liner operation in rear end. 

10 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0E  Conversion Kit


Code R800003: Conversion kit for trasform your R8.0 Nitro in R8.0E


09 September 2015


ARC R8.0E 1/8th Electric On-Road Car


Following on from the release of the ARC R8.0 competition G/P 8th scale on-road chassis we are proud to introduce an electric version the ARC R8.0E.....


09 August 2015


NEW PARTS - Alu Clutch Bell


Code R802030: Clutch Bell -Alu use with std clutch shoe (Yellow)


06 August 2015




Code R804043: R8.0 PU Belt Middle 435

Code R804041: R8.0 PU Belt Front 201-6

Code R804042: R8.0 PU Belt Rear 201-8


31 July 2015




New dealer for ARC R8.0 in Emilia Romagna.


Pirani RC Detail:

Web Site: www.piranirc.com

Tel: +39 333 1963620

Address: Claudio Monteverdi, 14 - Ferrara


13 July 2015


NEW PARTS - Rear CVD Shaft


Code R803071: Made by Spring Steel , fit with R802091Rear wheel axle-Alu (2 Pcs/Pack.).

05 July 2015


NEW DEALER - Safety Car Model


New dealer for ARC R8.0 in Campania.

Safety Car Model Detail:

Web Site: www.safetycarmodel.com

Tel: +39 335 7092196

Address: Via Ferrante Loffredo, 5 - Napoli


01 July 2015

NEW PARTS - Ti-Coating Shock Shaft


Code R109038: Titanium Coating Shock Shaft  for R8.0, It provide long lasting anti-wearing and smooth damper operation , (4 Pcs/Pack.)

28 June 2015


NEW PARTS - Flex Upper Deck


Code R809013: New for the ARC R8.0 is the Flex Upper Deck, a useful option when you are looking for more steering, by moving the flex point further forward on the chassis. The Flex Upper Deck comes with a stiffener plate to easily adjust the flexibility of the upper deck; with the stiffener plate installed the torsional stiffness is the same as the standard upper deck .