22 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0  Clutch Base Steel, New Brake Disk


Code R809014: Drilled Brake Disk Upgrade Set

Code R803001: Clutch Spring Base-Steel

22 September 2015


NEW PART - R8.0  Brass Battery Plate


Code R803044: Build by solid brass, net weight 53g.

Use for increase weight in R8.0 center low area. 

15 September 2015


NEW PART - R8.0  Shock Piston 3 Hole 


Code R104011: Shock Piston 3 X 1mm Hole

15 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0  and R8.0E Rear Anti-Roll Bar 


Code R807024: Rear Anti-Roll Bar 3.0-2.0mm

Code R807025: Rear Anti-Roll Bar 3.0-2.4mm


New Rear Anti-Roll bar made with 3.0mm wire and mill center area into 2.4mm or 2.0mm thickness, provide more liner operation in rear end. 

10 September 2015


NEW PARTS - R8.0E  Conversion Kit


Code R800003: Conversion kit for trasform your R8.0 Nitro in R8.0E


09 September 2015


ARC R8.0E 1/8th Electric On-Road Car


Following on from the release of the ARC R8.0 competition G/P 8th scale on-road chassis we are proud to introduce an electric version the ARC R8.0E.....


09 August 2015


NEW PARTS - Alu Clutch Bell


Code R802030: Clutch Bell -Alu use with std clutch shoe (Yellow)


06 August 2015




Code R804043: R8.0 PU Belt Middle 435

Code R804041: R8.0 PU Belt Front 201-6

Code R804042: R8.0 PU Belt Rear 201-8


31 July 2015




New dealer for ARC R8.0 in Emilia Romagna.


Pirani RC Detail:

Web Site: www.piranirc.com

Tel: +39 333 1963620

Address: Claudio Monteverdi, 14 - Ferrara


13 July 2015


NEW PARTS - Rear CVD Shaft


Code R803071: Made by Spring Steel , fit with R802091Rear wheel axle-Alu (2 Pcs/Pack.).

05 July 2015


NEW DEALER - Safety Car Model


New dealer for ARC R8.0 in Campania.

Safety Car Model Detail:

Web Site: www.safetycarmodel.com

Tel: +39 335 7092196

Address: Via Ferrante Loffredo, 5 - Napoli


01 July 2015

NEW PARTS - Ti-Coating Shock Shaft


Code R109038: Titanium Coating Shock Shaft  for R8.0, It provide long lasting anti-wearing and smooth damper operation , (4 Pcs/Pack.)

28 June 2015


NEW PARTS - Flex Upper Deck


Code R809013: New for the ARC R8.0 is the Flex Upper Deck, a useful option when you are looking for more steering, by moving the flex point further forward on the chassis. The Flex Upper Deck comes with a stiffener plate to easily adjust the flexibility of the upper deck; with the stiffener plate installed the torsional stiffness is the same as the standard upper deck .